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Our physical therapists are experts in treating conditions affecting the jaw, upper extremity, shoulder, neck, back and lower extremities which may be limiting your ability to play or continue to play your musical instrument. We have expertise in the ergonomics of musical instruments of all varieties and in the assessment of posture, breath control, balance and many other elements which can affect successful rehabilitation of conditions affecting musicians. 


Injury rates in professional musicians are high due to the repetitive and demanding nature of practice and performance schedules. In order to demonstrate proficiency, musicians must maintain well calibrated sensorimotor and neuromuscular body systems. The good news is that many risk factors for developing a playing related injury are modifiable. At PT Specialties of Boulder, our goal is to help you establish healthy practices to optimize your well being and performance longevity. 

Risk factors for injury among musicians:

Sudden increases in playing load

Lack of rest breaks in rehearsals and practice sessions

Adverse posture and or biomechanics

Joint hypomobility 

Lack of physical conditioning

Insufficient injury management

How can physical therapy help?


Physical Therapist Orthopedic Assessment

An orthopedic assessment includes a thorough examination by a physical therapist to assess your strength, range of motion, joint mobility and function of the neuromusculoskeletal system. 

Playing analysis

Your physical therapist will analyze your posture and playing ergonomics to help facilitate performance ease and efficiency. This includes video analysis from multiple angles so that you may observe your movement and track meaningful changes.

Personalized Plan of Care

Each patient has unique needs and goals. Your physical therapist will use the information from the orthopedic assessment and playing analysis in order to create a personalized plan of care.

Cross-training Exercise Prescription  

Evidence shows that cross-training exercise programs help to reduce risk of injury among professional musicians. You will receive one on one instruction in a home exercise program based on your orthopedic assessment and the particular demands of your instrument.

Anatomy and Movement Education

Knowledge is power! Questions are welcome here. Your physical therapist will provide information about anatomy and movement science to equip you with an understanding for the  reasoning behind the prescribed exercises and treatments.

Treatment Based on Your Goals

In your first visit, your physical therapist will ask you what your goals are. This information will inform the direction of treatment so that the services you receive are in alignment with your reasons for seeking care.

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